These granola bars suddenly taste chalky and unsatisfying. (via Twitter)

Customers at Sainsbury's, a UK grocery store chain, have been discovering grumpy haikus in their bags of cookies and cakes. The poems are courtesy of someone calling himself the Bored Baker, and they express both utter dissatisfaction with the baker's job and a relatively high degree of media savvy, by using the hashtag #theboredbaker.

The Daily Mail claims the cookie poems were a prank done by someone on their last day of work.

Sainsbury's, which found out about the literary inserts because people started posting photos of them to Twitter, says the poems have now been removed. But not before some of them escaped into the grocery carts of unsuspecting sweet-seekers:

Clearly, Sainsbury's should be marketing these cookies as a hot new dieting trick. Imagine if every time you reached for a brownie, you were confronted with a message about the pointlessness of it all. Actually, never mind. That would probably just make me eat more brownies.


(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: BuzzFeed