"Mind if we play through?"

This car chase across a golf course in looks like so much fun, the only thing missing is some up-tempo banjo music from the Dukes of Hazard. And let's not kid ourselves, everyone involved in this had a blast and probably broke whatever the world record is for screaming "hoo boy!" 

The chase went down in Moorehead, Minnesota, where Cody Fuller was playing a round at the Village Green and suddenly found himself in the middle of a scene straight out of Grand Theft Auto: St. Andrews.

The police eventually caught up with the driver at a local mall (where he may have been shopping for a plaid jumpsuit) and booked him for criminal property damage, fleeing police, and -- say it with me... felony drug charges.

Police officials are looking into whether the cops followed protocol while chasing the Bogey Bandit across the course. While any hack could tell you it was definitely piss-poor golf etiquette.

(by Jonathan Corbett)


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