♫Bugh ugh ugh ugh ugh, ugh ugh ugh ugh.

On the first day of Christmas / my Hallmark gave to me / a PR disaster on a Christmas tree.


Not the same song, but you get the point. It seems like the PC wars over Christmas start earlier and earlier every year, and this year's season opener is this miniature sweater ornament from Hallmark. As you can see, it's super offensive. Queer folks are mad that they switched out the word "gay" for "fun" because it implies that gay's homosexual definition disqualifies it from taking part in Christmas, and the War-On-Christmas types are mad because the traditional lyrics to a Christmas carol were changed to avoid (as they saw it) offending homosexuals (they obviously didn't see how gay people actually reacted). Here are two exchanges from Hallmark's very combative Facebook page that pretty much sum it up:

Did I choose them because their names were Sunny and Cher? Yes. Yes I did.

You don't need to capitalize lezbo, you idiot. Unless you're talking about the izland.

Everyone is missing the real reason to be mad: Hallmark thinks you're a total idiot who A.) can't handle the complicated concept that gay has two meanings, and B.) won't figure out that those lyrics are new. What's next, changing the lyrics to The Flintstones?! Wait. Forget I said that. They'll do it. You know they would.


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