Yuuuge news. Donald Trump has lost those highly coveted Aaron Carter and Azealia Banks endorsements. Damn, he's never going to win now!


Carter endorsed Trump back in February, prompting tens of people to say, "Who Aaron Carter again?"

In a now-deleted Twitter rant, Carter said that he is voting for Trump because "70% of him agrees" with what the Republican nominee has to say. Fast forward to April and the "Aaron's Party" singer was already eating his words.

But once you have the stench of 'Trump supporter' on you, it is hard to shake it off. Following pussy-gate, Carter reiterated to his followers that he would not be voting for Trump.


When Azealia Banks, the controversial rapper whose racist remarks got her kicked off Twitter, endorsed Trump, it seemed pretty on brand for her. But not even she can stomach the hateful rhetoric any longer.

True patriot Azealia Banks.

On her Facebook, she wrote.

I made a major mistake endorsing toupey-toupee. Womens rights are important and we must protect them. I tried.... I reached ....I even carried ......I take it all back.

In case it was unclear that "toupey-toupee" meant Donald Trump, she clarified with a longer note.

I feel so dumb for ever having added my two cents to this election mess. I tried being a vigilant citizen , seeing as...

Posted by Azealia Banks on Friday, October 7, 2016

I feel so dumb for ever having added my two cents to this election mess. I tried being a vigilant citizen , seeing as being up on it seemed to be the responsible thing to do... but instead I alienated loads of my fans and followers. I deeply regret mixing music and politics as I am now finding it nearly impossible to keep up with the election and the media frenzy.

I'm finding myself confused and disinterested.

I really hope my fans and peers can forgive me for that as I make a promise to never mix music and politics ever again.

One seems to be the antithesis of the other huh?


She then uploaded this picture:

Posted by Azealia Banks on Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Now that these questionable celebrities have pulled their endorsements for the most questionable celebrity, Trump's celeb backing is pretty much down to Scott Baio, Tila Tequila and Jon Voight. Sad!