Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley's wife became suspicious he was having an affair in 2014 because he texted her a red rose emoji—a gesture she thought was so sweet that she assumed it was meant for someone else, GQ reported. The lesson here, if you're a scumbag heterosexual guy, is always make sure you're not being too romantic with your wife—she might think you're confusing her for your mistress.

It turned out that Bentley's wife was right—he was having an affair with his much-younger staffer Rebekah Mason, a scandal that led to his current impeachment (both Bentley and Mason deny that their affair was ever "physical," despite phone recordings by his wife that capture Bentley longingly reminiscing about touching Mason's breasts). Bentley's wife was able to ignore the major red flags until he sent her another red rose emoji with the name "Rebekah" next to it.


And that's when she [dancer in a red dress emoji]'d out of that marriage.

Sources: GQ