On Wednesday evening, Ashley Judd spoke with a Jezebel reporter at the Creative Coalition Gala and casually mentioned that Donald Trump is a notorious "breast gazer." The gala took place following the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and Judd is in town for the convention and has taken part in protests during the week.

She told Jezebel reporter Ellie Shechet this much about the Donald:

I’ve known Donald for 15, 17 years? I’m friends with someone who married into the family. Anyway, I would bump into him at the U.S. Open, for example, and I think I can say the amount of time he has spent looking at my chest rather than my face is proportional to his insanity and functionality. He’s a chest gazer, a breast gazer.

Eyes up here, fella.
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This means Trump was probably the least interested in the interview competitions when he owned part of the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA beauty pageants.

Sources: Jezebel | CBS Philly