President Obama flew from the White House to Chicago on Friday morning, and he almost did so without his phone. (GASP! We've all been there.) As the president walked to board Marine One, he stopped suddenly, patted himself down, realized his BlackBerry was nowhere to be found, and ran back inside to retrieve it.

Mark Knoller, a White House correspondent for CBS News, captured the president's realization in a hilariously relatable photo set, which he posted to Twitter.


I know they already took Obama's official presidential portrait, but I'd like to start a petition to replace it with a collage of these truly incredible action shots.

Obama did manage to retrieve his phone, and Knoller later tweeted that the president had landed in Chicago, BlackBerry in hand. Thank goodness. That flight would've been soooooo boring if he wasn't able to play Candy Crush.


Presidents: they're just like us!