"Did I even remember deodorant? God, I hope I put on deodorant."


The quote at the top of this article is not real. The picture, however, is. The man in the polo shirt is Lance Futch, a 26-year-old Air National Guard member and employee of a solar energy company, Vivant Solar. He had been told to attend a "business casual" event with "federal officials" and thought that he would be speaking to a large room about how to secure more jobs for veterans.

Instead, he was in a small, face-to-face meeting with President Obama and Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT). As he told the New York Post,

When President Obama walked in the room, I'm looking down at my white polo going, 'Well, if I would have known this, I would have worn my military blues or at least a suit and tie.' I admit I was feeling a little underdressed at the moment.

Even though a company rep said that if they had known who was really attending the meeting, they'd have sent the CEO, Futch apparently managed to keep his cool well enough to plug his company's good works. It helped that his company logo being on the shirt prompted Obama to ask him about it.

He asked me about Vivint Solar. I was able to tell him: "We feel like we're leading a revolution in the solar industry. We also feel like we're empowering people. We're giving them wonderful careers in a growing industry."
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