Important political update: Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders looks like a Friendly's Cone Head sundae.  

Just picture Bernie in a wizard hat. It's not hard.

If you don't know what a Friendly's Cone Head sundae is, you didn't grow up on the East Coast of the United States, where Friendly's is a huge casual dining chain. In fact, it's where Bernie Sanders proposed to his wife, which is how comedian Jen Mem [Ed. note—a friend of this writer] first noticed the similarity between Sanders and the clown-like dessert.

Wrote Mem in an official statement to Someecards:

I was reading up on how Sanders proposed to his wife, which was at a local Friendly's in Vermont, and I was curious about which treat they were enjoying before the proposal. I have a freak knowledge of mass-produced ice cream desserts and I realized very quickly that there was a chance Sanders or his wife enjoyed a clown cone. As I perused pictures of the sundae in question, I realized that the sundae's moppet-like whipped cream hair and eyes framed the scoop not unlike Bernie's hair and head. What a treat.

Sources: Twitter: @JenViaJersey