Everyone salute (or condemn) Redditor CarlosWeiner for bringing the world's attention to the fact that you can buy a Bernie Sanders ceramic pipe—and donate to Bernie's campaign at the same time! The pipe-maker, Stonedware, promises to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Vermont senator's campaign for the Democratic nomination for president. The pipe is for smoking tobacco only, of course. As one does out of porcelain pipes.

Support Sanders' plan to break up the big banks by breaking up the big nugs.

The gloriously-named Stonedware promises to donate 10 percent of the sales of these $60 pipes and $30 "chillums" to Sanders' campaign for president. And yes, that sign uses the hashtag "#BurnOneForBernie."


Of course, there's always the risk for the candidate that stuff like this makes his followers seem like the supporting characters in a Judd Apatow movie. On the other hand, all the ultra-conservative uncles of the world already think that Sanders supporters must be smoking something, anyway. 

Sources: Reddit