Good news, everybody! According to Bill O'Reilly, the slaves who helped build the White House, the ones Michelle Obama mentioned in her DNC speech, were "well-fed" and had "decent lodgings provided by the government." Wonderful! The only thing they didn't have was freedom.


On Tuesday night's "Tip of the Day" on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly said the history behind Michelle Obama's remark was "fascinating."

He confirmed that Michelle Obama was right when she said the White House was built by slaves (thanks for that confirmation no one was waiting for, Bill), and mentions that 400 payments were made to slave masters between the years of 1795 and 1801.

He also wants to make sure that you know that other people were also involved in the construction, including "free blacks, whites, and immigrants." See? Other people! And free food and housing for slaves!

Hooray America!

The backlash to O'Reilly's history lesson was swift.