In a move even more confusing than being selected as a Vice Presidential candidate (despite having received only 1 delegate), Carly Fiorina broke out into song at Cruz's rally. With eerie, high-pitched tones, Fiorina committed to a performance that nobody expected or even asked for, professing her love for Cruz's young daughters.


Here are the lyrics so you can sing along!

♫ I know two girls that I just adore
I’m so happy I can see them more
‘Cause we travel on the bus all day
We get to play
We get to play! ♫

While that weird song felt out of place at a campaign event, it's right at home in the trailer for The Conjuring 2.

Breaking out into song in the midst of a political speech is never a good idea. The First Lady of Canada, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, learned that the hard way, when she decided that the Martin Luther King Day ceremony could be improved with a song that she wrote for her daughter.