On Thursday, CNN New Day reporter Alisyn Camerota was so gobsmacked listening to a Trump voter try to tell her that illegal voting was somehow legal in California that she pulled an actual facepalm.


Last week, President-elect Donald Trump, who did not win the popular vote, tweeted, without citing any proof, that he did win the popular vote, if you don't count the "millions of people who voted illegally."


So now, of course, people believe that there were millions of illegal voters, when there really weren't. If there were, you'd think that Trump would want to know about it, but clearly he doesn't, as he is trying to stop the recount in Michigan.

In the clip, Camerota, who was speaking that day to a small group of Trump supporters, is told by one woman that three million people voted illegally in California. When Camerota asks the woman where she got that information, she answers "the media." Ah, yes, THE media.

When pressed to name which media, specifically, she heard that from, the woman replies, "Some of it was CNN, I believe." (It wasn't.)

The Trump supporters also said that President Obama had said that millions of illegal people could vote (he did not), and when Camerota asked them where they heard that, the answers were "Google it," and "Facebook."

Camerota found the source of that "information," which, as it turns out, was from Fox Business. Surprise!

Camerota then asks the group if they really believe that millions of people voted illegally in this country, at which point the same woman informs her, "California allows it." Illegal voting. California ALLOWS "illegal" voting. And Camerota literally facepalms.


God help us all.