The most important political endorsement this side of Elizabeth Warren just came in, and it's excellent news for Bernie Sanders. The woman behind the vocals of the enormously viral hit "Crush on Obama" just released 2016's version, and it's staunchly in support of the silver foxed "Bernie Bae."

Sure, it's less sexy than the Obama version. But that's to be expected. Bernie is exactly 1,000 years older and grayer than Obama. That is, Obama's 2008 incarnation. Eight years of trying to pronounce "John Boehner" correctly can really age a man.

Here's the original Obama version from Leah Kauffman. This one has been viewed over 26 million times over the last nine years, and it doesn't really seem in danger of getting passed up by "Bernie Bae."

There was just a special magic in 2008.


Someone make one of these for Trump, now. Thank you.