Today is the last presidential debate of the 2016 shit show election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. As the infrastructure of our government disintegrates before our very eyes, you might as well get drunk as you watch.

There are a lot of debate drinking games that you can look up on the internet, but none that capture the fear, panic and lunacy of the debate quite like this one:

A preview of the debate tonight.

1. Whenever Clinton starts talking about how great Obama is, take a shot.

2. Whenever Trump says "Yuuuge," take a yuuuge shot.

3. Whenever Trump tries to get Bernie Sanders supporters to vote for him, share a shot with a friend in the name of Democratic socialism.


4. Whenever Clinton coughs, take a shot of Robitussin.

5. Whenever Trump brings up the wall, take a shot out of a taco bowl.

6. Whenever Clinton talks about being a New Yorker despite being from Illinois, throw the shot into your own eyeballs.

7. Whenever someone brings up Hillary's emails, break a bottle of wine over your head and sit there wondering how the hell we got to this point.

8. Whenever Lester Holt loses control of the debate because the candidates are arguing with each other, drink a shot of your own tears.

9. Whenever the camera cuts to a candidate laughing and/or rolling their eyes as the other speaks, drive to your local liquor store and hurl your body into a display of alcohol-filled glass bottles.



10. Whenever a candidate lies, fill your bathtub up with liquor and lay in it until November 9th/the world ends. Whichever comes first.