Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida congresswoman and outgoing Democratic National Committee chair, was loudly booed on at a breakfast meeting of Florida's convention delegates on Monday. Wasserman Schultz, who represents parts of Miami and Palm Beach in Congress, was trying to address her home-state delegation at the Downtown Marriott in Philadelphia.


Wasserman Schultz announced on July 24 that she would step down after the Democratic National Convention this week in the wake of internal DNC emails released by Wikileaks showing what many saw as an anti-Sanders bias.

This is not a great sign for the actual Democratic National Convention. Is the DNC going to be as unruly as last week's RNC? They'd have to try really hard, but this is a start.

As Wasserman-Schultz tried to speak to the Florida delegates, the crowd booed and talked over her, some holding up signs that read "E-mails." Addressing the crowd like they were unruly schoolchildren ("All right now, everybody settle down") failed to mollify them. Pounding the gavel didn't work. Even bringing up the shooting that happened Sunday in Fort Myers, FL didn't quiet the angry audience.

Wasserman-Schultz continued to try to talk about gun control over the jeering crowd. She attributed the "little bit of interest" (mostly from the press) in her being there to Florida being "the most significant battleground state" in making sure Clinton gets elected. Debbie, come on, that's not why the press is there, and everyone knows it.