Hot co-eds doing live cam shows from undisclosed bunkers!

When you have to constantly make sure that America won't give up its proud tradition of torture and check whether your heart batteries are up to date, it's easy to lose track of the unimportant stuff. Stuff like renewing your web domain. It happens to the best of us, and, apparently, the worst. 

Dick Cheney's personal website,, went dark today, its usual contents (links to his memoir, maybe some news bits, perhaps some snuff films...I've never visited, how would I know?) replaced by this sultry brunette with that come-hither cleavage. Why would a web host leave a default page that's so porny? Especially one belonging to the former vice president? Well, it took me a moment to realize it, but it's because his name is Dick. Sites with Dick in them are probably used for porn most of the time, and I imagine HostGator's algorithms know that.

Granted, Cheney was always a "freedom through aerial bombardment" Republican instead of a fire-and-brimstone cultural warrior (although his daughter sorta is), but as long as we have powerful politicians who embody Authority as we know it, it's fun to see them involved with something that's scintillatingly inappropriate, even if it's an accident.

Or maybe this is an exciting final chapter in Cheney's life? I mean, if George W. Bush can organize an art show for his paintings, maybe the next 72 hours will see a shock and awe campaign to take over the webcam industry, only to lead to years of extremist porn attacks in crowded chat rooms. Or something, I kind of lost track of that metaphor.

Dick Cheney, everyone.

UPDATE: It's just been changed to a stupid looking gator. I guess someone went in and manually undid the mistake of assuming a Dick site was for porn.

When former Vice Presidents and forever war advocates need a webdomain, they turn
to the professional, dignified, classy services of

(by Johnny McNulty)

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