President-elect Donald Trump ditched his press pool Tuesday night and was filmed at expensive Manhattan steakhouse 21 Club with his family, promising the other rich diners, "We'll get your taxes down—don't worry about it." This will probably not be welcome news to all the Americans who voted for him based on his vows that he'd focus on the middle class.

In a 41 second video posted to Twitter, Trump is seen shaking hands with people at the restaurant, while in the background a reporter asks him, "No heads up for the media?"

It turns out Trump had slipped out of Trump Tower after a campaign member told the media he was in for the night. Instead, he met his wife Melania, daughters Tiffany and Ivanka, and son-in-law Jared Kushner, at the steakhouse for a burger and fries.

The Trump team is currently undergoing a transition that he characterized as "organized" but which, by all press accounts, is actually anything but (surprise!).