With a Donald Trump presidency in the realm of possibility, people are beginning to ask what his leadership would actually look like. Scott Pelley, anchor of 60 Minutes and surprisingly sassy guy, sat down with Trump at the candidate's Fifth Avenue penthouse. It didn't take long for Trump to reveal he knows just as little about policy as you'd imagine.

When asked about his tax plan, Trump said that he'd make significant tax cuts for the middle class, but didn't say what or how. When Pelley demanded an explanation, they had this cute little back-and-forth


Donald Trump: We're talking about people in the low-income brackets that are supposed to be paying taxes, many of them don't anyway.

Scott Pelley: You're talking about making part of the population exempt from income tax?

Donald Trump: That is correct.

Scott Pelley: You're talking about cutting corporate income taxes?

Donald Trump: That is correct.

Scott Pelley: But there's a $19 trillion federal debt.

Donald Trump: That's right. We're gonna grow the economy so much--

Scott Pelley: You can't afford to do those things--

Another shining moment involves Trump laying down his foreign policy vision, which boils down to: "Russia wants to get rid of ISIS. We want to get rid of ISIS. Maybe let Russia do it. Let 'em get rid of ISIS. What the hell do we care?"

Even when Pelley wants to talk about the struggles that have defined The Donald's character, Trump responds in the Trumpiest way possible. At one point, the candidate discusses losing his brother at a young age to alcoholism and explains how that affects his habits today: "I've never had a drink. I own the largest winery on the East Coast, and yet I don't drink, which is a little weird."

Sources: CBS News