Try to picture a famously evil 20th Century figure who would be on board with a Trump presidency. Then look at this picture.

Who could have doubted it? Of course Nixon was on board with Trump going into politics. They have the same philosophy: nothing is off-limits when it comes to being a winner.

The New York Times posted this letter after learning about it from a new Trump biography by Michael D’Antonio, appropriately titled “Never Enough.” Apparently, Pat Nixon saw a young Trump on The Phil Donahue Show in 1987, and was so enamored with his Nixonesque charisma that she raved about him to Tricky Dick himself.

Former (disgraced) President Nixon agreed with his wife, and felt the need to send Trump a letter encouraging him to run for office. They predicted that if he ran, he would be a winner. Will the Nixons' prophecy come to pass? Let's hope not, but it does make us nervous. Whatever else he was, Nixon was a smart guy.

Smarter than you, hairpiece.
Sources: The New York Times