The biggest political news story this weekend was the revelation that Donald Trump might not have paid taxes for two decades—but it wasn't the weirdest political news story. That designation goes to Donald Trump saying, in an offhand way, that Hillary Clinton might be cheating on Bill Clinton. Which isn't even something he's opposed to, by the way.

This rally occurred shortly before the tax story broke publicly, but after the New York Times reached out to the campaign for comment. Most political observers have pointed this to explain the bizarre comment, as well as his extremely disjointed speaking style at the event.

At the same rally, Trump also mocked Clinton for having pneumonia, which fits the pattern of expected-but-awful Donald Trump behavior. But randomly insinuating your opponent is having an affair is pretty dang wild. And oh, as a reminder, Donald Trump cheated on his first wife in the most public-as-f*ck way possible, so what exactly is his game plan here? (Just kidding, everyone knows: the fringe right has been obsessed with disturbingly steamy fan fiction about Hillary Clinton's fictional lesbian sex life for 20 years.)


Of course, maybe Donald Trump knows something about Hillary Clinton I don't, and she is cheating on Bill. If so, I hope he releases that information! Until then, I guess it's just another piece of alt-right detritus coming out his mouth hole, as forgettable as a Teen Mom's sex tape.