Last night's debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump reminds me of every conversation I had with a drunk, coked-up frat guy at a college party. (In defense of drunk frat guys, most of them don't run for president.) ICYMI, he interrupted her. Constantly. Sometimes to interject with something bordering on a sentence. And sometimes to just yell "WRONG!"

This supercut captures every time Trump interrupted Clinton last night—a staggering 51 times in under an hour. That's about once a minute. Which is many, many more times than he made a cohesive point.

Watch Donald Trump interrupt Hillary Clinton 51 times at Monda...

And now, a completely unprepared man will interrupt a highly prepared woman, 51 times, only to prove he actually has very little to say!

Posted by Ezra Klein on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

As you can see, Hillary handled herself like a champ. Mostly because she did not dump a drink on his head, which is what most of us would have done. Instead she plowed ahead, addressing as many "issues" as she could, while Trump kept trying to yell over her.


From now on, refusing to be silenced by a guy who interrupts you will be called "pulling a Hillary." Can't wait to use it at my next party.