In all fairness, we've never had to hear the avocado say anything supremely dumb.

A terrible politician, but a worse base for guacamole. (via Getty)


Please forgive me if I make a extremely controversial statement, but I do not find Donald Trump to be a particularly serious politician. There, I said it! Man, it feels good to get that off my chest.

Somehow, despite the endless stream of dumb, racist and just plain weird things that come out of his mouth 24/7, he's still managed to secure himself as the current number two choice among GOP primary voters (a fact I will submit without further comment).

But what about a poll that actually carries a little bit of weight? Like, say, a non-scientific online poll administered via Twitter between Trump and an avocado. How would he do in such a situation. Not too great, it turns out:

Needless to say, this poll is somewhat less than ideal. For one thing, the act of voting for the avocado automatically advertises the existence of the poll to all of your Twitter followers. I'm not a professional pollster, but I think that creates an unfair slant. For another, this is a silly joke poll being passed around Twitter.

That said, the fact that the hotel magnate/reality star is losing to a non-sentient piece of savory fruit by nearly 10-1 does force us to face the completely objective reality that avocados are delicious and Donald Trump is repugnant. Trump's people will certainly have to work on that if they have any hope of seeing him through the first round of primary contests next year.

Sources: @avocadofact | h/t Mashable