She surprised everyone with a fierce, coherent statement about Donald Trump.

One of the shiny, walking statues at the Miss America pageant voiced a strong opinion about Donald Trump at the lady-judging contest last night. Meg McGuffin, Miss Alabama, was asked why she thought Trump was leading in the polls. This was her answer:

“I think Donald Trump is an entertainer. I think he says what’s on a lot of people’s minds, but I think that the Republican party should be absolutely terrified of all the attention that he is taking from incredible candidates like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie who could absolutely do the job of president of the United States. And if I were a Republican, I would absolutely be terrified of that. Thank you.”

Usually, we expect fluffy babble from the greased smiles of Miss America contestants, but this made a lot of sense. I don't want to choose a side--just kidding, I'm totally choosing a side--I completely agree that Trump is a fluffy-haired nightmare of a presidential candidate.


Trump has yet to respond to Meg's speech with whether or not he finds her attractive enough to date, you know, like he does his own daughter.

Sources: h/t Mother Jones