Presidential candidate and part-time insult comic Donald Trump can be heard asking the hosts of Morning Joe to ask him "nothing too hard" in an audio clip leaked by Harry Shearer, a comedian known as the voice behind many beloved Simpson's characters.

Just some good buddies keeping it professional on camera.

According to Mediaite, Shearer played the clip on his weekly radio program Le Show after alleging hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough were more buddy-buddy with Trump than journalistic integrity should allow. 

Between segments, the mic caught Trump, Scarborough, and Brzezinski chatting about questions:

Brzezinski: Do you not want me to do, the, um, the ones with, um, deportation?

Scarborough: We really do have to go to some questions.

Trump: That's right. Nothing too hard, Mika.

It's not clear if Trump was joking or not, but no questions about deportation were posed to Trump later in the interview. The business mogul also told the hosts to leave Trump-basher Ron Fournier out of the conversation, which they also obliged.    

"This will make us all look good," Trump reportedly said to Brzezinski and Scarborough between segments.
Sources: Mediaite | Harry Shearer's 'Le Show'