If an anti-American communist double crosses, does that make them an American fascist?

Go to John Boehner's Facebook page, and you'll learn from (many) thousands of Tea Party commenters that he's a yellow-bellied, Socialist, Communist, libtard traitor who loves Obama and was paid to deny Benghazi. They are not happy with him, but that's John Boehner's problem, not yours (except in the general "what's happening to my country?" sense). For you, this is a wonderful new resource of devastating, long, and not-quite logical quips to use the next time someone cuts you off in traffic or tells you to get off your cellphone and remove your tricorner hat while ordering Starbucks, thanks to the Tea Party Insult Generator, built by the folks over at Cloture Club.


The Generator takes the insults from John Boehner's Facebook page and mixes them together to form new, perfect insanity missiles to launch at your enemies. They are, in their own way, beautiful and almost Seussian with their run-on modifiers and general silliness. Here are some of our favorites:

Nothing goes together like bowing to Chinese Emperors, loving Muslims, and Socialism.

Ah, I see! He was paid to pretend to be a pro-Muslim socialist to hide the neo-Nazi truth!

Oh my god, he's a commie paid by fascists to look Socialist. That asshole!


They say an elephant never forgets, but it also only gets its facts from talk radio.

All-American alliteration!


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