One of the biggest criticisms of Hillary Clinton is that she seems very calculated and rehearsed, like Marnie from Girls. With Bernie Sanders getting popular among the youths, Hillary sat down with Lena Dunham, "voice of generation," to reach said generation. In the inaugural issue of Lena's feminist newsletter, Lenny Letter, she interviews Hillary, who is trying really hard to make it seem like she isn't trying really hard.  

Here are the highlights of the interview that make Hillary seem chill, and even touches on Netflix and Chill: 

Lenny Letter

Hillary: Here, we were having a rally, as I recall, to do away with limited visiting hours by men. Yeah. Curfews and visiting hours by men. That was what this was about. And you can see the crowd that it drew! These were people who really knew what they wanted. We were vigorously contesting the administration that wanted to keep doing things the way they had done them for a hundred years.  

You gotta fight for your right to party!

Sources: Lenny Letter