"Hot Debate Guy," also known by the people who actually know him as Greg Caruso, is being courted by GOP presidential candidates Carly Fiorina and John Kasich. If you don't pay attention to politics, a short version of Caruso's background: he was sitting in the audience at a debate and everyone on Twitter said he was hot. That's the long version, too. That's actually the whole thing.

According to TMZ, HDG hasn't decided if he'll meet with Fiorina or Kasich yet, but they both want his support and to involve him in their campaigns. Apparently young people are easily manipulated simply by looking at an attractive man, which does not bode well for our country. There are so many men here, and a lot of them are good-looking. How will we maintain our agency? Also, Caruso's dad is a billionaire who's been known to give money to Republican candidates, so they want in on that Hot Debate family cash. 


When TMZ asked HDG if he would ever run for office, he said possibly down the line but "as of now I'm focused on my film career." Nice job, Internet. Now we're probably going to have to watch this guy star in three Bourne movies and then become president. Just because you thought he was hot in comparison with a bunch of old dudes trashing Hillary Clinton. 

Sources: TMZ