If you're looking to buy a boot fit for fascism, look no further than this pair of brown leather boots by Ivanka Trump, receiving some truly great reviews on Amazon.com from shoppers who dislike her father, President-elect Donald Trump.


Several products made by Ivanka Trump are for sale on Amazon. These boots, which are not made in America, have several things going for them, like how good they are for "trampling the rights of others," for example.

One happy shopper gave the boots five stars and wore them to an Aryan Gala.

Wore to the big Aryan Gala—These Chinese boots are just perfect, whether walking the streets with your stepmother, the streets of Moscow with your dad and Uncle Vlad—or dancing the night away at the annual Aryan Gala to the strains of "A Whiter Shade of Pale," or just your everyday trampling the rights of others. However, they are so constricting that they sent me to the podiatrist, whom I could not pay, having lost my healthcare. My mom offered to pay, but she has lost her social security and now lives in an alley behind a deli off Lex.


Someone else gave the boots one star, due to an unusual side effect of wearing them.

BUYER BEWARE—These boots are some sort of port key or wrinkle in the space time continuum. I put them on and I was transported back to Berlin in 1933.

This shopper gave them one star, describing them as "Two extremely right boots."

Two extremely right boots—Both boots for some reason are right. One is marked as extremely right, the other as alt-right, although they look the same to me. Just bizarre. Sizing and all other info is in Russian, but they are made in China. The only plus is that they look really well together with either a brown shirt or a white hood.


Another reviewer writes that the sizing of the boots is oddly small.

Good for small hands—I found these boots way too small, it's like the [sic] are made for people with small hands. I also had a hard time walking in them as little walls seemed to show up every where I went.

Sources: h/t The Frisky