While the whole world has been trying to reconcile Donald Trump's bizarre attraction to his oldest daughter Ivanka, it looks like Ivanka has been supporting it. Yesterday, she liked Huffington Post's tweet out of their article entitled "Trump in 2004: It's OK to call daughter Ivanka a 'piece of ass'." What in the living hell is going on?


The bizarre like was first discovered by CNN's Andrew Kaczynski, who appropriately captioned the find "OMG."

Within the article is a transcript of Trump being interviewed by Howard Stern in 2004. Stern asks the father of the year if he can call Trump's then 23-year-old daughter a piece of ass, and Donald says, "yeah."

And Ivanka liked it. What in the name of incestuous presidential candidates is going on around here? Does she really want her dad's friends calling her a piece of ass? Does she just go around liking any articles with her name in them? Does she know PEOPLE CAN SEE HER LIKES?

Apparently, she knows people can see them now, because since its discovery, the tweet has been unliked.


Poor Ivanka, she is just like her dad. She wants to pretend something never happened, but the internet refuses to forget.