Cue the lamestream media asking why he didn't do this in '08...every single day.

I'm not saying he did very well, but boy, does he ever go for it. At least, I think this qualifies as "really going for it" for any old man, let alone a Republican one. 

When you consider that Sen. John McCain's injuries from being a POW in Vietnam prevent him from lifting his arms above his shoulders, however, you realize that this guy is turnt up as fuck. Just how turnt was he? New Jersey Governor and presumed 2016 presidential candidate Chris Christie was also there, and also danced, and nobody cared. A fat-as-shit Governor was dancing in public, and that was a distant second in newsworthiness to the quality of John McCain's moves. 

Finally, who were these two white Republicans getting down with? Jamie Foxx (who went on the Tonight show stoned as hell this spring) and the Roots (who recently played "Lyin' Ass Bitch" when Michelle Bachman came on the Tonight show), at a Hamptons charity event. All of which are juicy news angles. None of which ended up in Page Six's headline, because none of them compare to this:


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: Emily Smith | Digg