On Sunday, used Kleenex with a face Martin Shkreli continued to defend his title as "literally the worst" when he heckled Hillary Clinton on the streets of NYC. The presidential candidate had left a 9/11 ceremony early because she was feeling ill (she has reportedly been fighting pneumonia).


This maybe isn't surprising coming from the same half-eaten chicken nugget who hiked the price of a lifesaving AIDS medication by 5000% and also messed with the Wu-Tang Clan.

The former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO posted a video of his heckling, which he accurately captioned "me yelling stupid stuff at Hillary."

“Are you alive?" he yells in the video. "Do you need Pharma Bro’s help?” He also yells, "Drop out!" and, simply, "Trump!" (Bet you can't believe this guy is a huge Trump supporter.)

Oh, and he Periscoped the whole thing:

Sources: Daily News