It's disgusting that we have to rely on the lamestream media to find out our site has entered into an alliance with the Romney campaign without our knowledge or approval, but as our lazier and more typo-prone readers surely know by now, it's the truth! If you're typing our URL into the address field of your browser (people still do that?) and you just can't summon the will to type that last "m," the address auto-forwards straight to the About page of 

No idea who owns that url or what their connection is to the Romney campaign, but if they are hoping to put Romney over the top by tricking Someecards users into reading his bio, that campaign is in way more trouble than anyone thought. Have they even looked at the Someecards user card section? Sure, there's a lot of right wing (armed militia) sentiment floating around there, but we're pretty sure a good hunk of our user cards are written by convicted felons currently serving out their sentences in state prison (writing e-cards is the new "making license plates"). So most of them won't have the freedom to vote come November, barring good behavior and lenient parole boards. 

Sources: Daily Dot | Bloomberg