A U.S. service member who goes by @MuslimMarine on Twitter is going viral for a tweet hitting Donald Trump right where he lives: hypocritical grandstanding. In an interview on November 19, Trump said that the U.S. should consider requiring Muslims to register in a database, or make them carry special identification indicating their religion. The statement has generated a ton of controversy, which is great for Trump because he loves controversy. He soaks it up like an iguana in the sun.

As a "Proud American Muslim" and a soldier who served in the Marine Corps from 1997-2002, @MuslimMarine took particular umbrage at this latest racist outburst. He tweeted at Trump with an image and a quote that perfectly illustrate just how hypocritical the billionaire's position is.


With one image, this guy pointed out how insulting Trump's comments were to Muslims, and also reminded everyone that the war-loving billionaire has zero military experience, despite how ready he is to send American soldiers into battle for any reason. Back in September, Trump was widely mocked for claiming that he was basically a veteran, because the military school his parents sent him to (because he was a brat) felt like the army.

@MuslimMarine's tweet has gone massively viral, with more than 7,500 retweets and 10,000 likes as of press time. The man himself proudly shared the moment when his Twitter handle started trending globally.

Sources: The Telegraph