Orange turd Donald Trump said that after the Paris Attacks, he'd "seriously consider" violating the Constitution and shutting down mosques in America. To milk this for ratings, Fox News's Megyn Kelly got Trump's National Spokesperson, Kristina Pearson, to defend this on screen to a real, live Muslim. Saba Ahmed went on to the show wearing the best possible hijab to throw shade at the people who doubt her loyalty because of her faith: 

Some stellar sass. 
Fox News/YouTube

"Megyn, we go to the mosque to pray," she said. "The thing is, you wouldn't shut down churches just because there was one or two Christians who was acting badly."

And Lord knows there are Christians behaving badly. 

"Mr. Trump has so many business dealings all over the Middle East, he's worked with Muslims, he knows we're good, hardworking people."  

Boss move, Saba, calling out Republicans where it hurts: where their racism could compromise capitalism.

Sources: Fox News