Elaine Fydrych, of Runnemede, New Jersey passed away last Thursday, and left Hillary Clinton a little present in her obituary. 

"I would diss you back, but that would be disrespectful." 

Her obituary contained all the standard obituary stuff, except for this gem:

Elaine requests, "In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton."


Boom! Elaine was a local actress and was known to make a lot of jokes. She was also thought Hillary Clinton deserved blame for Benghazi and grew to intensely dislike her in recent years. According to her husband Joe, Elaine was a registered Democrat and "not a political person," but told him her idea for her obituary a few weeks ago, leaving the final call up to him. He decided to honor her wishes. Elaine "wanted to go out with a punch," said Joe, "and I think she did that." You definitely succeeded, Elaine. Bravo. Yet another attack Hillary Clinton failed to see coming.

Sources: South Jersey Times | ABC News