In an election season where nearly every misstep and gaffe that makes the news has been coming out of the Romney campaign, it would appear that team Obama has finally slipped up in an unforgiveable way. That's right, the Obama campaign liked a someecard. After the above user-generated yourecard was reblogged on (and hastily removed from) the official Obama campaign tumblr, a slew of conservative bloggers, their grasps wrapped firmly around some straws, unleashed a firestorm of criticism against the campaign, accusing them of reducing women to their reproductive organs.


No greater honor than to have your work mentioned by Rush Limbaugh in the same paragraph as "feminazis." Even better than when we were nominated for a "Webby" (2008).

If we owe an apology to anyone, it would be whichever nineteen-year-old Tumblr editor made the mistake of reblogging that card from its original post. It can't be easy navigating the Tumblr world and trying to find anything relevant to the election amidst the mess of Parks and Rec subtitled screenshots and animated Honey Boo-Boo GIFs. As for the Obama campaign, we can only imagine they are loving this made-up controversy since, firstly, there's likely not a single Obama supporter in possession of ladyparts who doesn't agree with the card, and secondly, it hammers home just how little their opponents have to go on at this point (you can almost hear Michelle Malkin and Chuck Woolery sighing with exhaustion as they try to fan the flames). 



Ultimately, we are proud that our website has provided the material for the closest to a gaffe the Obama campaign has made in weeks. We'd like to remind future candidates that our "Yourecard" section is user-generated and largely written by escaped mental patients, so if you don't want your campaign to go down in flames, you're much better off posting naked photos of yourself on Facebook than reblogging one of our User cards. - Vote like your lady parts depend on it.

Be sure and send this card to anyone who happens to be an owner or fan of lady parts.