After a busy morning of United Nations and Chill, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin were seated at the same table at a UN Luncheon. 


Whoever did the seating arrangements did not take into account the awkwardness of Obama's condemnation of the Russian annexation of Crimea and tension over action in Syria. Or they did, and figured it was time that these guys get over it. 

Obama's cold stare and Putin's smirk is the stuff that political cartoonists' dreams are made of. How should we caption this photo?

Here are some contenders from Imgur commenters: 

"When you want to nuke the shit out of your neighbor but you have to play it cool.” -DisneyDick

"'I could fucking end you' -both of them probably." - Zanthrex

"'Oh he's looking at me, quickly smile he won't notice you're plotting world destruction - Putin.'" -Trextra91

And here are a few from our staff:

"When Russia doesn't honor your diplomatic request to stop playing footsies." -Bijan Samareh (@bijansamareh)

"You're an even bigger dick that the Russian leader on House of Cards." -Brook Lundy

Sources: Imgur