I don't really like politics. But I love Barack Obama. I mean his policies were fine—once, I even overheard a person saying they were great! And I've read some headlines to back that up, so that's basically 100 percent true. But here's ten things I will miss about Obama that have nothing whatsoever to do with legislation, executive orders, or a political agenda. All I'm saying is please, please don't leave us.

1. His comedy


Whatever your opinions on Obama's policies, his stand-up comedy (and improvisational) skills are undeniable. Like that time he literally and figuratively dropped the mic at his last, and greatest, White House Correspondence Dinner. Or when he traded jabs with Bill Clinton on Twitter. Keep an eye out for this rising face of comedy in the coming years.

2. His "awkward" dancing

Obama is awkward the way the female lead in a rom com is awkward: still less awkward than 98% of actual people. But just awkward enough to be likable and not intimidating despite his status. Also, he's only awkward when he dances, but luckily it hasn't stopped him.