After 8 years, President Obama's stint as Stand-Up Comedian in Chief has come to a close, and he finished out strong with a performance at the White House Correspondents' Dinner that no act would want to follow. Of course, Larry Wilmore did follow it, taking on the media (and really pissing off the media in the process). As funny as the online reaction was, this comedy set stands on its own. Not only was the routine at the podium solid, zinging Republicans and Democrats alike (neither Bernie nor Hillary was probably too happy), but the video segment, which in some years is a bit lame, was the best one of his presidency. Stay tuned from an amazing cameo from the man who used to be the most prominent Orange-American politician in America.


It's hard to imagine what next year's dinner will be like. Will Trump go full Don Rickles and just point at people and insult what they're wearing, or will Hillary drop jaws by doing a blue routine so explicit they have to move the broadcast from CSPAN to HBO? Only time will tell, but we're unlikely to have as funny a president for a while (to be fair, Sen. John McCain—the man Obama beat in '08—also has pretty good joke timing, so this would have been a high-water mark anyway).