With one line, the POTUS destroyed this fool.

Whether you agree with President Obama's policies or not, you have to admit one thing – the guy knows how to play it cool. This video from last night is a perfect example. The president was trying to give a heartfelt speech at a LGBT Pride event at the White House when a heckler started incessantly jabbering a bizarre, high-pitched monologue at him. It sounded like chicken noises.

For a moment, it looked like Obama might lose the room. Then, without losing his calm, he reminded the man, "You're in my house." With a rousing cheer, the crowd was his again.

Of course, the heckler didn't stop talking. It's a myth that you can get them to shut up by shaming them with a devastating line. The harder you burn them, the more they want to interrupt. So Obama did what any club comic would do: he had the asshole kicked out. Then he could continue with his performance in peace, and sell merch afterward.

After the man was removed, the president explained what he was thinking to Joe Biden:


What'd I tell you? Cool.

Sources: YouTube