I love Rob Ford. Kind of like how a little girl experiencing rain for the first time is a pure kind of joy, the delight I feel when watching his growing political scandals is unadulterated schadenfreude. There are so many politicians who actually deserve way worse than Rob Ford, but for better or for worse, Rob Ford's personal demons make him really easy to catch in the act.

And that means there are so many wonderful photos and videos we can look at to remember his bizarre antics. Parodying those new, awful "Look Back" videos that Facebook makes for you, Tom Kucy has produced a theoretical version of what one for Rob Ford would look like. It actually works, because the guy has been so ridiculous that I've actually forgotten a lot of the things we've enjoyed watching him do.

Like that time he went on a drunken rant in a Jamaican accent in a restaurant, making fun of the police chief for trying to follow him.

Or the time he was at a Rosh Hashanah event and couldn't wait for the Rabbi to finish talking before he started eating.

Or that time he knocked over a female city council member while running to join a fist-fight his brother was in.

That time he beautifully responded to the charge that he told a female staffer he wanted to "eat her p*ssy."

That time he was in a Chris Farley mashup.

Sources: Tom Kucy