He laughed! Then he pointed at me and some guys took me away for a few hours.

President Barack Obama visited Denver, Colorado yesterday, and the Prez' visit to the first state to legalize marijuana has already resulted in some iconic possibly-weed-related moments, like seeing Obama shake hands with a man wearing a horse-head mask. The trip's highlight (hehe...highlight) definitely came from Instagram user Manton89, who may or may not have been Rocky Mountain Hii-iiiiiiiiiiiigh yesterday when he filmed himself asking the leader of the free world if he wanted a hit of Manton's blunt.

That is the smile of a man who knows exactly how many hours there are until he gets off work being President on the night of January 20, 2017 (as of press time, about 22,200 hours) and can light up a huge blunt. Don't torture the President, Manton. I'm sure he'll have plenty of time to chill when he retires to Colorado and tries to forget about his troubles.


(by Johnny McNulty)

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