On Thursday, a pro-John Kasich Super PAC attacked Ted Cruz with a bizarre ad. If you watch the video below, you will see Cruz’s nose stretch and coil around his neck (three times), appearing to strangle the republican candidate .

The ad, uncreatively titled "Nose," apparently wants to call out Cruz for being a huge liar. They even used "Lyin' Ted"—Donald Trump's nickname for Cruz—in the video. "If Ted Cruz's mouth is moving, he's lying," the ad states.

But really, the whole thing is just f**king weird:

In the video, the narrator says Cruz “lied about Ben Carson to steal a win in Iowa.” The narrator is probably making a reference to Cruz's campaign squad, which "knowingly misstated" a CNN report. The ad also makes a reference to Cruz's statement that he would be the prime nominee for the Republican Party. "Lies about being the best for the GOP when polls show he can’t even beat Hillary Clinton," the ad expresses.


Did you cringe with fear as you watched that super PAC ad above? Let this video of a teenage Ted Cruz make you cringe with embarrassment instead.