"It would be premature to reveal my poker strategy before we've made a decision on Syria."

Sen. John McCain made no apologies today for playing poker on his phone while Secretary of State John Kerry was making the case for war with Syria. He even made a joke about it on Twitter:


Hear that Syria? I consider lost imaginary money more important than war. Fear me.

John McCain is too seasoned a pro not to have done this on purpose. He was sending a calculated message to Syria: blowing you up is so easy, I can't even pay attention. Politicians know how to use props to their advantage, and this isn't the only way lawmakers can use smartphone games for political gain. If you're in Congress, here are all the perfect games to play in your most important hearings to make sure you win the ultimate game: democracy.

The 7 Best Smartphone Games To Play In Congress To Get What You Want

7.) Debating Intervening In Syria's Civil War
VIP Poker—The best way to win in poker and in war is not to fight at all, but to convince your enemies your hand is so powerful that they're better off not fighting at all. And what better way to show enemies how powerful you are than by absentmindedly playing poker while you debate bombing them to the Stone Age?

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