Remember naked Obama-Zeus bringing a hurricane to Tampa? Now own the painting!

Does art resemble life, or is it just totally bizarre and weird? When it comes to modern politics, it's almost impossible to tell. If you want to look for art that's even weirder than this election, it takes some looking. Fortunately we have the Internet, the natural habitat of crazy. A lot of it comes from this guy above, Dan Lacey. We don't know what his deal is, but we're glad he's around to remind us that despite all the insincere double-talk and denial of math and science, we still live in the real world and not some bizarro-universe. Actually, that's way more depressing. Check out the work of Lacey and others, particularly the anti-Obama zealot John McNaughton (who sold one of his fever dreams to Sean Hannity) and Taco Werewolf.


Taco Werewolf's painting is least awkward we have seen either candidate relating to Hispanics.

2012 hasn't been flattering for anyone. Except those disembodied binder-woman legs. Hubba.

Finally, a white man with cash and his own vision of the Constitution who will fight Obama.



Beef jerky accepts and loves all candidates equally.

Chinese dinosaurs have been dumping electric toothbrushes on our gold supply!


This is pretty obvious.

Budgets need to be free. So do men. Not so much with birth control, America lady.


No wonder Mitt Romney is so reluctant to pay taxes.

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