A tradition of democratic ass-hattery dating back to hecklers correcting Pericles in Athens.

So in case you have never been on the Internet and you just signed up for AOL five minutes ago, you know that President Obama made a diplomatic visit to the planet of Reddit today. All in all, it went pretty well, but that doesn't mean the Internet didn't rear it's ugly head — or that the rest of the Internet didn't reward that ridiculousness with upvotes and karma. Here are some of the most discouragingly honest moments from today's experiment in American democracy:



This is just as accurate as Obama's 2008 poster at summing up the national mood.

Don't mind the President, Internet. Just go about your normal business.


He is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Do you really think he doesn't already know?

It had to happen sooner or later on the Internet. The constant Stephen Harper jokes, of course

You forgot the secret word: please. 

If Obama can't keep a Honey Ale secret, it won't be long before he answers the Area 51 guy.

Sadly, this does count as raising our level of discussion.

The Internet, she has a beauty like a flowery plant with thorns that also likes to make fun of you.



Ah yes, the famous first flights of US astronaut Yuri Gagarin. Also, Glenn came after Shepard.


180 points. When was the last time someone gave you 180 points for anything?

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