It's called "Strong" because his advisors talked him out of "My Campaign Is Floundering So We're Gonna Go Gay-Bashy." 

It's Super Tuesday, which means registered republicans are out in force, voting for the candidate they find the least unelectable. What better time, then, to take a look back at this election cycle's most ridiculously offensive campaign commercials. If you feel sad that you can't vote for either Herman Cain or Rick Perry in today's primary races, vote for their horrible commercials right here in the comments section!


Herman Cain shows what his pimp hat's good for by pimping out 9/11 for votes.


This congressional level ad might be in a dead heat with itself for most offensive and most insane.


And for most offensive Asian portrayal outside of an early John Hughes movie, Michigan Senate Candidate Pete Hoekstra be racist for you long-time.


Another one for the Asians. A Korean laundry is a step up from the rice paddies, but still. At least he meant well?


Herman has another horse in this race, this time for pissing off animal rights groups who don't think goldfish should die for politics, and anti-nightmare groups who don't like being surprised by scary white girl screams.

Did we forget any? Let us know in the comments...