This isn't even the funny one. Someone was paid for this. By the NY Times. I just give up.

We all make mistakes, but fortunately most of us, don't print them millions of times and publish the image all over the Internet as well. Frankly, the other cosmic thingamabobs pointed out on this New York Times Magazine cover are a little weird ("Huma's Dark Matter"?), but let's be honest, they're not even in the same league of odd. "Planet Hillary" is a massive body of weirdness, with a gravitational pull strong enough to pull strange Photoshopped parodies from all corners of the Internet.

Thank you, Ben Rosen, we all needed this (probably not as badly as GOP blogs, though).

"Goodnight, green chair. Goodnight, blue dress. Goodnight whitewater controversy."

Ironically, the actual Hillary will never be silent. 
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"Does this sweater make my head look like an enormous spherical object?"

If you're nerdy enough to get this, you probably weren't voting GOP anyway.

I don't know. Do you know? Did the original picture here even make sense?
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Laugh all you like, but this'll being the Clinton-Gaga '16 bumper sticker.

A peek into the Clintons' sex life. 
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Proof that the former Secretary of State was getting a big head.


(by Johnny McNulty and Dennis DiClaudio)

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