Here's some news about the Trump administration's inability to pay attention to details: It turns out that the executive orders on the White House website aren't exactly the same as the ones sent to the official Federal Register. USA Today has found at least five instances in which the executive orders didn't match.

The differences were mostly missing words and renumbered paragraphs. However, there were at least two cases in which the executive order mentioned laws that don't exist, or do exist, but are not the correct ones. (Yikes.)

For example, an executive order signed by President Donald Trump on the ethical standards for administration appointees refers to "section 207 of title 28" of the U.S. Code on the White House website. But according to Pro Publica, a nonprofit news site, that section doesn't actually exist. It is correctly cited as "section 207 of titled 18" on the Federal Register.

USA Today quoted John Wonderlich, the executive director of the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation, as saying, "These last-minute edits suggest the Trump White House needs to revisit their vetting, sign-off, and publication processes for executive orders."

Great job, folks!